GigVistas: Gig News Digest. Issue 4

By GigVistas Marketing Team

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GigVistas: Gig News Digest. Issue 4

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What the Gig Economy Can Teach Us About Recruiting

Key Points: By implementing a few of the best parts of gig culture into your recruiting process, you can help your team find the work arrangements they need. Many job seekers are increasingly looking for companies whose missions align with their values and gig-focused platforms to do a great job of engaging workers by creating company cultures that feel inclusive and empowering. In addition to offering flexibility, many of these platforms also have a strong focus on diversity, providing income-earning opportunities to a wide range of people across all walks of life.

Point of view: In India, finding and hiring the right candidate can be quite tedious because of the uncertainty regarding the recruitment that comes with it. For a budding entrepreneur or manager, there is a constant struggle of getting the work done within the given amount of time and budget. Hiring freelancers has become a perfect option and gig-focused platforms like GigVistas provide employers with many skilled freelancers. For large companies hiring gig-talent to complement the permanent staff shows commitment to diversity. Start hiring now!

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Why Hiring the Right Employee is Very Important?

Key Points: Bringing in strong team players will contribute to your company's culture, just as bringing in the wrong person will disrupt the problem-solving process. Additionally, replacing a bad hire shortly after they begin working can cause existing team members to feel unsettled. leading to lower productivity levels. The benefit of hiring the right skilled freelance talent can produce quality performance in the workplace.

Point of view: Hiring a freelancer to fill the position in a company is not enough. The person must be the right fit for the position. A team is stronger when it embodies the best quality and like-minded personalities which leads them to cultivate the best customer and client service experience in the market.

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How to build a cloud/freelance team: A step-by-step guide

Key Points: Businesses are leading the evolution of the work market globally by investing in freelancers. As more and more organizations realize the benefits of working with freelancers over traditional models, the gradual shift is turning into a landslide. Moreover, millennials’ affinity towards freelancing is growing steadily as it gives them the freedom to work on their schedule. While it allows freelancers to work on a variety of projects simultaneously, businesses are more than willing to harness this cost-effective talent pool. Even though most organizations today have embraced remote working, certain fears and doubts associated with freelancing are yet to be dispelled. If you are new to the freelancing world, things might seem to be not in your control. Moreso, when you’re working with a team of freelancers you have hired on a per-hour basis. However, if you orchestrate your process with a well-mapped-out strategy, cloud teams will work to your advantage.

Point of view: Employers around the world have found that hiring freelancers has been extremely advantageous to their organizations in many different ways, one of the top advantages being, steering (faster) project success. At GigVistas, we provide companies with top-tier freelance talent who help accelerate their company's growth.

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Emerging trends in hiring Gig Professionals

Key Points: An estimated 15 million white-collared gig professionals are working independently in various fields such as Marketing and HR, Writing and Content Creation, Graphic designing, Video Editing, Finance, Sales, Web development, and many others. In the past year, GigVistas has empowered companies by providing them with skilled gig professionals. As many companies adapt to the gig culture and post gigs on our platform, the number of professionals applying to these opportunities is also increasing. These early trends indicate the large potential of the Gig economy in the white-collared space.

Point of view: As India is opening its doors to Gig Economy, we at GigVistas have been successful in onboarding clients who are open to adapting to the gig culture and have posted numerous gigs on our platform. The number of professionals applying to these opportunities is also increasing. Writing, creative&media art, and web&mobile development constitute a majority of skills owned by these freelance professionals.

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