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Sr/ Jr Devops Engineer

IT and Networking

DevOps Engineering

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6 Months
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At UST BlueConch Technologies (erstwhile Xpanxion), we Engineer to Elevate. Over the past 24 years, we have handed over 200 market winning products and platforms to global technology companies across healthcare, hospitality, logistics, retail, fintech, and technology. UST is a global provider of digital technology and transformation, IT services and solutions, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, United States. It is a legal entity and parent company of Xpanxion LLC & Xpanxion International Pvt. Ltd., both of which were acquired in May 2014. Why BlueConch, you might wonder? While blue is symbolic of trust and intelligence, the conch heralds victory and the auspicious commencement of new undertakings. BlueConch Technologies channels the power, elegance and simplicity of the blue conch as its raison d’etre to all areas of its existence. In business lexicon, this translates to accelerating product development through faster, smarter, innovation-led engineering practices and digital technology solutions. Mandatory Qualifications Expert knowledge in building cloud native solutions, Kubernetes and container orchestration Mandatory technologies: Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux administration Responsibilities Troubleshoots and resolves system service failures by identifying and analyzing the situation and provides corrective actions Develops, installs and tests new network hardware and software releases, system upgrades, evaluates and installs patches and resolves software related problems Monitor’s systems activities and fine tunes system parameters and configuration to optimize performance and ensure security of systems Provides senior level expertise on decisions and priorities regarding systems architecture Engages with application development teams on current infrastructure projects Evaluates existing solutions and infrastructure and provides recommendations Manages and maintains the hardware, software, security and connectivity to the internet as well as middleware components Qualifications A bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline (preferably computer science) or equivalent experience 3-5 years of Dev ops/Sec ops engineer for building/scaling cloud native infrastructure Strong Skills in containerization, Docker, etc. (mandatory) Strong Skills in Kubernetes (mandatory) Strong experience with Terraform scripts (mandatory) Must have setup CI/CD pipelines in GitHub/GitLab with proper control gates (pre commit hooks, commit validations, etc.) Experience with infrastructure-as-code concepts and implementation (i.e. terraform templating) and configuration management systems (i.e. Ansible, Puppet or Chef) A deep understanding and familiarity with highly distributed and scalable architectures, edge routing, etc. Familiar with Linux containers and Linux systems Experience of building and launching a new product or service from the ground up Monitoring and logging systems: virtualization and containers (Docker, ECS) Networking knowledge: firewalls, VPNs, proxies and load balancers Experience with Python, shell or other scripting language Experience with continuous integration practices and tools such as GitHub actions Experience troubleshooting distributed applications Experience with scripting languages (Bash, Perl, Go, Python, etc.)

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