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Team Lead - Data Engineering

Data Science and Analytics

Data Engineering

Location Type
Time Commitment
3 Months
Overall Budget

Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity for data engineering candidates to apply their skills and lead the technical team in the big data domain. You’ll get an opportunity to gain hands-on project experience in creating self-service data platforms with a Fortune 500 company. You will use the latest big data technologies to ingest the data from various applications using ETL tools and batch processing / real-time processing to the Hadoop ecosystem and make this data available in data marts for access by data science and data analytics teams. Roles & Responsibilities: ● Data Engineering and Technical Delivery ● Prepare data for analysis using Presto SQL or domain-specific tool (example: Omniture for Digital), visualizing the data and executing to specifications ● Web Scraping using Python to get basic datasets from popular websites (e.g.: LinkedIn) as required, Parsing JSON objects to get the data in tabular format ● Good knowledge of databases/SQL, relevant tools like R or Python, Omniture (if digital) ● Experience with frameworks like PySpark to handle large data ● Shows drive to increase the breadth & depth of tools and systems creating Data schemas, building the pipelines, collecting data, and moving it into storage. ● Preparing the data as part of ETL or ELT processes. ● Stitch the data together with scripting languages and often work with DBA’s to construct data stores or data models. ● Ensure data is available for ready to use and use framework and microservices to serve up the data ● Design, build and optimize applications’ containerization and orchestration with Docker and Kubernetes ● Stakeholder Engagement ● Grasp requirements on call and deliver to specification; Present to Senior Management & Leadership ● Present findings to team lead/managers and external stakeholders ● Drive stakeholder engagements by driving complex analytical projects including bottoms-up projects ● Develop executive presentations with guidance This role is for an initial contract of 3 months and is convertible to permanent employment based on candidate interest either at the time of selection or during contract renewal. Key highlights of the role and company: High flexibility and permanent remote work - very suitable for women/homemakers Competitive salary Entrepreneurial environment. Women leadership creating a significant imprint in niche technology space Fortune 500 clients. Flexibility to convert role to permanent employment. 3-4 Years of experience specifically in Big Data is required with an overall experience of 6-8 years

Preferred and Additional Skills

Presto SQL
ELT Pipeline
Stakeholder Management

About the Company


Shivark Solutions

Shivark is a data consulting and integration services company headquartered in the Silicon Valley, California. We focus on supporting enterprises in their digital transformation journey leveraging data. We partner with IT teams of Fortune 500 clients to support their initiatives on data engineering, data analytics, and data science. We are a services partner for Snowflake and Tableau, and provide training/ certification opportunities to our technical team on these technologies.