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System Analyst

IT and Networking

Systems Engineering

Location Type
Time Commitment
12 Months
Overall Budget

Job Description

Project Description 

·      Requirement gathering – speaking to multiple user categories such as government departments, organisations, educational institutes etc.

·      Examine and evaluate current systems

·      Work with existing users to identify new requirements

·      Document the requirements of the software development including differences between new and legacy systems

·      Collaborate with IT vendors for product development as per the requirements

·      Validate the features developed

·      Train users on new features

·      Ensure deadline and budget requirements are met.

Prior experience in Government/Public sector enterprises would be preferred. Experience in platforms for skill development/learning is highly desirable.

Contract is for a duration of 1 year initially, which is extendable.

Preferred and Additional Skills

Requirement Gathering
Technical documentation
IT Architecture
Analytical skills
Project Management
Communication skills
Tech Stack evaluation
interpersonal skills

About the Company



KDEM is an initiative of the Government of Karnataka to promote digital economy and jobs in the state. Karnataka in general and Bengaluru in particular has witnessed heady growth in IT and BT sectors from early 2000. The coming decade promises even more growth, with the maturity of the IT and startup ecosystems in Bengaluru City, which is consistently ranked among the Top 30 Global Startup Ecosystems in the World. The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission promises to harness the unlimited potential of the digital economy of Karnataka to transform the lives of the people in the state. The IT ecosystem not only uplifts lives of professionals in the industry, but also powers millions of other ancillary jobs across other industries. Core Objectives • Support technology investments in Karnataka • Support the Department of IT / BT, S&T • Help structure promotional efforts abroad • Help position Karnataka well with technology-sector-specific investment reports • Sponsor and organize research to uncover technology opportunities • Provide feedback to government departments on the policy initiatives needed to attract further investments • Act as a bridge between government and industry • Build a comprehensive Vision Document with strategy and roadmap directions • To build Brand Karnataka and enhance our leadership position across segments