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GigVistas connects you to a whole world of new opportunities.
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Why GigVistas?

GigVistas is a first of its kind platform that aims to build a complete ecosystem for GigWork. We believe such an ecosystem will enable freelancers, independent professionals, small agencies and employers to work on a Gig model in a sustainable way.

Through the platform we enable freelancers to have the freedom to choose the place of work, type of work and time of work. They can find support to pursue their independent lifestyle through our partner services.

We provide employers of white-collared gig professionals access to the underexplored talent category of independent professionals across a wide range of skill categories. By providing access to such talent on-demand and just for the period required, we intend to unleash a higher level of productivity and diversity for employers

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GigVistas partners with Alyve Health to launch health plans for Gig Workers

GigVistas and Alyve Health launch health plans for Gig Professionals

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