Beginner to Professional Medical Blogger- Prachi Bhatnagar

By GigVistas Marketing Team

Nov 24, 2022

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Beginner to Professional Medical Blogger- Prachi Bhatnagar

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Do you want to earn an extra income along with your full-time job? Is writing your passion & are you wondering how to land International clients? If so, you might get some useful information from Prachi Bhatnagar, a healthcare worker, and a part-time medical blogger.

What is your approach to working?

"When I start a new project, I gather all relevant information and construct an outline of goals and objectives for the duration of the project. Then I categorize tasks on the basis of priority. After I create my schedule, I begin working. Throughout the project, I try to communicate with relevant parties and ask detailed questions to increase my effectiveness and ensure I'm aligned with the client's vision."

What's your preferred style of communication and why?

"I prefer emailing and instant messaging to communicate with clients because I can respond quickly. Emailing allows me to share project drafts with multiple relevant people in the organization, while instant messaging provides opportunities to directly and rapidly communicate throughout the workday."

What should people do before jumping into the freelance field?

You have to calculate the monthly living expenses you need after quitting your job and how you can manage to have that money. It is different for each individual so it is important to objectively weigh your situation and then decide. It is also a good idea to learn while you’re working at the company. I recommend starting with something very small such as uploading writing every day on your blog, Instagram, or social media, or starting as a part-time blogger just like I did

How do you land clients?

I try to stay active on LinkedIn and connect with relevant people by accessing their profiles within my mutual connections. This helps me get projects related to my skill set. I also send my portfolio on a continual basis to generate leads/clients. Now, platforms like GigVistas definitely ease the effort by providing legitimate clients on the platform itself.

Any other advice to freelancers who are entering the field?

There are numerous projects you can find under Content writing so it is important to carefully choose projects before taking them up. You shouldn’t compromise quality over quantity.


Prachi Bhatnagar

Medical blogger


GigVistas Marketing Team

GigVistas Marketing Team

GigVistas Marketing Team