Justwords boosting Content Management by hiring freelance writers from GigVistas

By Shweta Bisht

Nov 24, 2022

2 min read
Justwords boosting Content Management by hiring freelance writers from GigVistas

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Justwords is an award-winning, 12-year-old content marketing-led digital marketing agency that drives relevant leads and growth for B2B and B2C businesses. Their strength lies in their team consisting of some of the best writers and editors in the industry, along with crazy artists, data analysts, and free-thinking marketeers

Usually large and specialized agencies like this keep a staff of in-house writers, editors, and other kinds of content producers. Even so, large agencies tend to hire freelancers to produce specialized content that supports the marketing plans of their clients and use their in-house staff more for content management.

Why do large marketing agencies rely upon freelancers? 

Hiring freelancers allows agencies to scale up or down rapidly. You also enjoy the benefit of accessing professionals with industry and content-type experience to produce work that’s sure to please a variety of clients and more importantly — their clients’ customers.

GigVistas provides options with skilled freelancers on demand

GigVistas offers you the tools and customer service to make the most efficient use of your time when you need to find the perfect writer for your project.

We always wanted to work with good content writing agencies. Hence, we reached out to Justwords for their hiring needs. At the start, they had a requirement for a Real Estate writer but after fulfilling that they were confident enough to move on to hiring feature writers, social media, and travel writers. GigVistas global talent pool is filled with skilled professionals, which enabled them to find and start working with experienced content writers within days of posting the project.

Let’s hear it from them.

“ In our search for freelancers, we zeroed in on GigVistas. We were able to close a few writers for our project. Especially, campaigns run by their internal team for driving the applications are really helpful. We are looking forward to hiring many more candidates from GigVistas.”

Shweta Bisht

Shweta Bisht

Shweta Bisht