Emerging trends in hiring Gig Professionals

By Anilesh Seth

Nov 23, 2022

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Emerging trends in hiring Gig Professionals

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It’s been a few months since GigVistas has been live. We now have some interesting trends and data that are presented here. Before I proceed any further, I hasten to clarify that we are focused only on white-collared jobs – not blue-collared ones. Our comments and analysis are therefore restricted only to this segment.

The skill set of Gig job seekers that are congregating to our portal is shown in the pie chart below:

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Perhaps this is to a large extent a self-fulfilling prophecy. Most of our efforts have been targeted at start-ups where the demand for these skills is, predictably high.


An analysis of the demand side (the skill-set employers are seeking) shown in the pie chart below, is indicative of a good match between supply and demand – at least for the top few categories.




However, there was a surprise in that we didn’t see more professionals with contemporary tech skills seeking “Gigs”. Examples are full-stack Java, Python, and Data Science.

Why is this the case?

Our Analysis

Initial conversations with professionals and employers point to a huge supply-demand gap in favor of demand, for contemporary and emerging tech skills. This is driving compensation and benefits to a point where professionals favor full-time jobs.

An example borne out by our traffic is that of Data Science and Analytics. While it is the 6th most popular skillset in demand, it ranks as low as 8th for Gig-seekers.

It’s still the early days for us to conclude, but we will continue to watch our traffic and analyze the data to understand the emerging trends.

One thing is certain– while there may be swings in demand and supply for specific skill sets, the movement towards “Gigs” for white-collared professionals, is on the rise.

Anilesh Seth

Anilesh Seth

Co-Founder & Chief Mentor at GigVistas