GigVistas: Gig News Digest. Issue 3

By GigVistas Marketing Team

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GigVistas: Gig News Digest. Issue 3

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Leveraging Remote Work During COVID-19

Key Points: COVID-19 has been a curse but it has posed a unique opportunity to all businesses. This article talks about- how companies have leveraged remote work during COVID, be it MNCs or even start-ups. To accelerate growth and upscale their businesses, companies are leaning towards remote work. Remote work has not only allowed companies to initiate growth but also helped them gain access to professionals, eliminating the barrier of location/place. Here, it's not only companies who are benefiting from the ‘work-from-home’ trend but also employees and freelancers. Remote work has provided employees and freelancers with the boon of a flexible work schedule, more productive time, and a good work-life balance. 91% of people surveyed- agree that a better work-life balance is attainable at home.

Point of view: The business world wasn't going to be the same after COVID-19. Almost overnight, the business world shifted to remote work, unleashing a more agile workforce and a period of experimentation and innovation at work. GigVistas facilitates growth through the gig economy by helping start-ups/companies gain access to skilled freelance professionals across various locations in India, while simultaneously helping freelancers land their dream projects, remotely.

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Leaders Beware: The War For Talent Is Also A War For Top Freelance Talent - Jon Younger

Key Points: Based on a global survey, over 90% of corporates worldwide, regularly utilize freelancers to augment project teams or provide other support, and plan to increase their use to meet their talent needs. Jon Younger, in this blog, says that the demand for freelancers in organizations is exceeding the supply of available expert freelancers in various fields and markets.

Point of view: Many companies have found that hiring freelancers has given them access to top-tier talent and helped them save up on overhead costs. They are now implementing a blended workforce structure within the organization. Hiring freelancers has become one of the greatest benefits, with freelancers having a more flexible schedule- around the employer's needs. We at GigVistas, provide companies with a pool of freelancers, catering to the current needs of many organizations.

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Your Boss and Your Side Hustle, How To Hire Freelancers, Workers Are Taking Power Back, and More…- PAUL ESTES

Key Points: There are approximately 60 million Independent workers in the United States, representing $1.5 trillion in U.S. GDP and growing. Projections estimate that 50% of our U.S. workforce will be independent workers by 2025- 2030. Paul Estes continually emphasizes how the Gig Economy represents a trend that will digitally transform how organizations engage with talent. He also mentions further that “the rise of independent contractors and globalization of knowledge work is the Industrial Revolution of our time”. The freelance revolution is showing no signs of slowing down, companies across the globe are aiming to gain “workspace wellness” which implies a diverse and rapidly changing business landscape. This is attainable by hiring independent contractors/freelancers.

Point of view: The freelance revolution is large and growing, companies experienced a growth bump and expansion in revenues, talent and client roster after hiring freelance professionals. The freelancing community has grown in size and influence, as white-collar freelancers are becoming a more important economic force that collectively impacts business profitability and reinvents work beyond the traditional 9-to-5 office job. Join the revolution by signing up on and start working on the best freelance projects available on our platform.

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Gravitas Plus: The Gig Economy: Can You Freelance For Life?

Key Points: The year 2022 is the era of the Gig economy. The gig economy enables a work-life balance powered by technology and the trend of remote and flexible working.
The word ‘Gig’ means performance by a single talent, you could be an architect, a lawyer, or a financial analyst, here you can work as an external consultant to the firm for a particular project, term, or assignment. The value of time supersedes the value of stability. According to a global survey- 26% of the millennials around the world believe that the gig economy is more secure than conventional work because the economy offers flexibility and a long-term work-life balance. The gig economy is developed around the idea of symbiosis, a company can get to work with the best talent without hurdles of location/time zones, and can find resources no matter where the company is placed.

Point of view: The world is changing and so is the job market, people are no longer sticking to one job, and full-time employees have started to take up gigs apart from their job to gain global exposure in their careers so they can grow in knowledge and experience. Companies have started to gain access to a pool of professionals across time zones with the help of various platforms including GigVistas.

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