GigRetire – For your active Second Innings

By Raj Swaminathan

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GigRetire – For your active Second Innings

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Why is your second innings game more valued in cricket? It is because you are responsible for either chasing down a massive total and the eventual victory for your team or for battling with steely grit and determination that tests your core to save the test match. It also gives you a second chance to redeem yourself, stamp your authority and march into folklore! Life is not very different too, but it also offers another exciting twist. Your professional second innings post-retirement gives you a choice now to pursue your real passions and another opportunity to explore exciting new ventures after stepping down from the more traditional treadmill of your career.

With active lives extending to the 80s from the earlier 60s, one needs to plan not just for life post-retirement but also one's lifestyle. Can your savings support you through an extended lifespan of nearly 20-25 years? Even if it does, how can you continue to be usefully engaged, professionally challenged, and even intellectually stimulated with the energy, enthusiasm, and vibrancy of the next generation thrills and opportunities, the environment of the new economy and the continued learning, participation, and involvement in the changing world? More basically, how can you miss the continued social contact, the small talk around the coffee machine and the water-cooler? But more importantly, society needs you, for now is the time for you to make an even more impactful contribution with your experience and professional learnings over a lifetime.

GigWork can be your trustworthy partner as you navigate this new stage of your life with confidence, fun and enjoyable professional satisfaction, all at your pace and time, at will. Senior experienced professionals are the need of the hour in every industry, in every stage of the company's evolution. In mature and steadily growing companies, your specialized experience and, more importantly, your expertise is valued and respected. For younger and start-up companies, who cannot afford a high-flying top-notch professional either for cost prudence or business priority reasons, GigRetire is a compelling value proposition. Their specialist experience and expertise, wisdom, and sense of balance would be an invaluable asset to the talent pool and the investment brand value of the company.

So Senior Professionals, the time to dust off your jackets and blazers, your white shirts and suits, and re-embark to your professional calling is now. You now also have the power to dictate the hours or days you wish to work, the multiple assignments you want to take on, the professional network and relationships you wish to continue nurture while achieving the truest work-life balance, nay, harmony.

GigRetire, your helpful companion to create your very best years!


Raj Swaminathan

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at GigVistas