Beginner's Guide To Avoiding Common Mistakes in Freelancing

By GigVistas Marketing Team

Mar 15, 2023

3 min read
Beginner's Guide To Avoiding Common Mistakes in Freelancing

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Freelancing can be a rewarding career choice, but it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re starting out. From undercharging for services and neglecting to network, to failing to set boundaries between work and personal life, new freelancers often make mistakes along the way. Avoid common pitfalls with our guide of tips on how to get it right. 


Set Boundaries With Schedules, Availability, and Objectives.

To ensure that you remain productive and have enough time to dedicate to your freelancing endeavours, it’s important to set boundaries for yourself and for those that you work with. Before accepting new clients, agree on clear project objectives, try to set scheduling expectations, and determine when the work needs to be completed by. By setting limits on availability and obligations up front, you’ll be better able to focus on being productive without being overwhelmed by too many tasks or requests.

Have Clear Deliverables and Client Expectations.

It’s important to be clear with clients about what tasks and activities you will do to complete the project. Setting realistic expectations on both sides means that projects can run smoothly, with limited stress or confusion. Lay out a timeline of deliverables, so there are no surprises when the job is done. Make sure you’re communicating regularly with the client about their vision and expectations.

Create an Organized Process for Client Onboarding.

Before taking on a new client, create a smooth process to onboard them. This should include setting expectations and boundaries at the onset of the relationship. Make sure they understand your payment schedule, turnaround times, and any other key factors that will ensure you are both clear upfront about how you will work together. Doing this correctly will go a long way in creating a successful working relationship between you and your clients.

Invoice Properly to Get Paid On Time.

A crucial part of freelancing is billing correctly and sending invoices on time in order to get paid. To do this, you must first understand what exactly an invoice is and how to create one. An invoice is a document that shows the details of the goods or services provided by a freelancer, and typically includes information such as the total sum due, payment terms and instructions. To ensure timely payments, always include your payment instructions and deadlines clearly on your invoices.

Don’t Take Every Job. 

One of the most common mistakes new freelancers make is taking every job that comes their way. This can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed and overworked, and it also prevents you from doing work that’s meaningful to you. Create thoughtful parameters for which jobs you will accept, including factors like industry, type of project, pay rate, hours, and scope of work. Learning to say ‘no’ when something isn’t the right fit can help make your job more enjoyable and less stressful.

In conclusion, freelancing can be a challenging yet rewarding way to work, but it requires a certain level of professionalism and discipline. To avoid common mistakes and succeed as a freelancer, it is important to set clear boundaries, have a contract, price work appropriately, communicate effectively, manage time effectively, invest in your business, diversify income streams, understand client requirements, avoid overpromising and under delivering, keep track of finances, market yourself, continuously develop your skills, and listen to feedback. By taking these steps, freelancers can build a successful and sustainable career, attract new clients, and maintain long-term relationships with existing ones.

GigVistas Marketing Team

GigVistas Marketing Team

GigVistas Marketing Team