Our Discord server is finally here!

By Shweta Bisht

Feb 1, 2023

3 min read
Our Discord server is finally here!

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GigVistas Discord is live now and is inviting all freelancers to join our community. Our Discord aims to be a community where freelancers from all walks of the industry can get together and chat about their projects, get help, get regular project updates, and share what they’re working on- all under one roof. Our community helps you to meet freelancing fanatics who share the same passion as you and connects you with mentors from the hiring world who assist whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you’re a hardened industry veteran or someone who’s just starting, all are welcome, though we do have some ground rules we expect everyone to stick to:

  1. Try to only @ people if necessary. Nothing is more annoying than to get a ping at 12 am from someone on a half-baked question that is impossible to answer in one message.
  2. Give something back. Share and encourage discussions. Don't just demand free tech support and then disappear.
  3. We have a zero-tolerance approach to abusive or discriminatory behavior or language of any kind;
  4. We expect all cultures and nationalities to be treated with respect;
  5. Sharing illegal material or links to illegal material is not allowed;
  6. Anti-social behavior which disrupts the experience of other members is not tolerated.

GigVistas’ Discord Server

The server has a few channels which are listed down:

- Freelancers
What if we tell you that you don’t need to read 100+ blogs to get the latest freelancing news? Our chill space channel “Freelancers” covers all the awesome updates, tips & tricks of the hiring world. Have a question regarding freelancing? Drop us a line on our discord channel and our moderators will reply to your query in a jiffy.

- Announcements
Project hunting has become a headache for most fresh graduates as the competition is too tough, and the vacancy count is too low. Being fresh out of college with little to no experience and no one to guide you, it becomes difficult to search for jobs that suit your liking.

Our Discord channel “Announcements” is here to take that worry from you. Get freelancing & full-time job updates from the community members & our moderators and apply for the job that tickles your fancy.


- Support
When was the last time you got your platform queries solved in a jiffy? We made sure that you are not burdened with any kind of queries or platform issues. 

It’s not just for freelancers!

Even if you’re not a freelancer you should still jump in. Our platform also has full-time jobs & additionally we will also try to help you upskill which might help you start your journey as a freelancer.

Join our community today: https://discord.gg/gXZS6a35vS

Shweta Bisht

Shweta Bisht

Shweta Bisht