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Full-time Employees and Freelancers

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Our approach to FTE hiring

Applying time tested and modern tools to hiring

Talent source

Find and recruit top-notch talent for your business

  • Industry agnostic
  • Database Portals
  • Professional Networks
  • Internal Database
  • Passive candidates
  • Diversity pool

Discover effective strategies and streamline your hiring process

  • Inbound and Outbound recruitment marketing
  • Expanded reach
  • Deep client relationships

Our service features

Top up your hiring requirements with our value-added services or go for an integrated RPO offering

Candidate search

We assist companies Search, Screen and shortlist profiles as per their requirements

Recruitment Marketing

Through our recruitment marketing initiatives, we help expand the reach to talent


We assist companies with their assessment requirements through our partners for both technical and non-technical assessments

Interview As A Service

Outsource your first level of technical interviews, thereby freeing up productive time of engineers

Onboarding Assistance

We assist clients in the offer to onboard process through Background Verification, setting up of bank accounts etc. through our partners

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Configurable customised offerings that meet your organisation's specific requirements for volume hiring


Discover what our happy customers have to say about us! Read these customer testimonials to learn more about our services and why clients choose us.



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