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Why GigVistas?

GigVistas is a growing freelance platform where, as a freelancer, you can find the right opportunity according to geographic area, specialization, and price range. As an employer/recruiter, you can hire freelancers under various categories based on your business requirements. 

How to hire a freelancer under this category?

On GigVistas you have a pool of freelancers to choose from to fill the necessary requirements in your organization. Hiring a freelancer through our platform involves just 3 steps: 
Sign up as an employer
Post a job 
Scroll through a list of candidates under various skill categories and hire the right freelancer for the role. 

What kind of opportunities will I find on GV?

GigVistas has various freelance opportunities under categories like creative and media art, web and mobile development, sales and marketing, data science and analytics, writing, and many more.

What is web and mobile development?

Web development refers to the building, creating, and maintaining of websites which includes aspects like web design, web publishing, web programming, and database management. It is the creation of an application that works over the internet i.e. websites, landing pages, and app interfaces… 

What do web and mobile development categories include?

We have freelance opportunities under the most popular web programming languages which are: HTML, XML, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.Net, and Python.

How can I apply for freelance jobs on GV?

There are just 3 easy steps involved to apply for jobs on GV: 
Sign up as a candidate
Complete your profile and fill in the necessary details
Apply to jobs according to your skillset and wait for the employers to get back to you. 
Once you apply for jobs and get hired by an employer, you can start your journey as a freelancer!